Constant Field Values


public static final java.lang.String EXCLUDE_MARKER "NOPMD"
public static final java.lang.String VERSION "4.3"

public static final int LOWEST_PRIORITY 5

public static final java.lang.String JAVA_EXTENSION_UPPERCASE "JAVA"
public static final java.lang.String JSP_EXTENSION_UPPERCASE "JSP"
public static final java.lang.String JSPX_EXTENSION_UPPERCASE "JSPX"

public static final int ABSTRACT 8
public static final int FINAL 32
public static final int NATIVE 128
public static final int PRIVATE 4
public static final int PROTECTED 2
public static final int PUBLIC 1
public static final int STATIC 16
public static final int STRICTFP 4096
public static final int SYNCHRONIZED 64
public static final int TRANSIENT 256
public static final int VOLATILE 512

public static final boolean staticFlag false

public static final int _DEFAULT 22
public static final int ABSTRACT 12
public static final int ANDASSIGN 113
public static final int ASSIGN 86
public static final int AT 85
public static final int BANG 88
public static final int BINARY_LITERAL 66
public static final int BIT_AND 104
public static final int BIT_OR 105
public static final int BOOLEAN 13
public static final int BREAK 14
public static final int BYTE 15
public static final int CASE 16
public static final int CATCH 17
public static final int CHAR 18
public static final int CHARACTER_LITERAL 71
public static final int CLASS 19
public static final int COLON 91
public static final int COMMA 83
public static final int CONST 20
public static final int CONTINUE 21
public static final int DECIMAL_LITERAL 64
public static final int DECR 99
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int DO 23
public static final int DOT 84
public static final int DOUBLE 24
public static final int ELLIPSIS 120
public static final int ELSE 25
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int EQ 92
public static final int EXPONENT 70
public static final int EXTENDS 26
public static final int FALSE 27
public static final int FINAL 28
public static final int FINALLY 29
public static final int FLOAT 30
public static final int FLOATING_POINT_LITERAL 68
public static final int FOR 31
public static final int FORMAL_COMMENT 9
public static final int GE 94
public static final int GOTO 32
public static final int GT 123
public static final int HEX_FLOATING_POINT_LITERAL 69
public static final int HEX_LITERAL 65
public static final int HOOK 90
public static final int IDENTIFIER 73
public static final int IF 33
public static final int IMPLEMENTS 34
public static final int IMPORT 35
public static final int IN_FORMAL_COMMENT 1
public static final int IN_MULTI_LINE_COMMENT 2
public static final int INCR 98
public static final int INSTANCEOF 36
public static final int INT 37
public static final int INTEGER_LITERAL 63
public static final int INTERFACE 38
public static final int LBRACE 78
public static final int LBRACKET 80
public static final int LE 93
public static final int LETTER 74
public static final int LONG 39
public static final int LPAREN 76
public static final int LSHIFT 108
public static final int LSHIFTASSIGN 117
public static final int LT 87
public static final int MINUS 101
public static final int MINUSASSIGN 110
public static final int MULTI_LINE_COMMENT 10
public static final int NATIVE 40
public static final int NE 95
public static final int NEW 41
public static final int NULL 42
public static final int OCTAL_LITERAL 67
public static final int ORASSIGN 114
public static final int PACKAGE 43
public static final int PART_LETTER 75
public static final int PLUS 100
public static final int PLUSASSIGN 109
public static final int PRIVATE 44
public static final int PROTECTED 45
public static final int PUBLIC 46
public static final int RBRACE 79
public static final int RBRACKET 81
public static final int REM 107
public static final int REMASSIGN 116
public static final int RETURN 47
public static final int RPAREN 77
public static final int RSIGNEDSHIFT 122
public static final int RSIGNEDSHIFTASSIGN 118
public static final int RUNSIGNEDSHIFT 121
public static final int RUNSIGNEDSHIFTASSIGN 119
public static final int SC_AND 97
public static final int SC_OR 96
public static final int SEMICOLON 82
public static final int SHORT 48
public static final int SINGLE_LINE_COMMENT 6
public static final int SLASH 103
public static final int SLASHASSIGN 112
public static final int STAR 102
public static final int STARASSIGN 111
public static final int STATIC 49
public static final int STRICTFP 62
public static final int STRING_LITERAL 72
public static final int SUPER 50
public static final int SWITCH 51
public static final int SYNCHRONIZED 52
public static final int THIS 53
public static final int THROW 54
public static final int THROWS 55
public static final int TILDE 89
public static final int TRANSIENT 56
public static final int TRUE 57
public static final int TRY 58
public static final int VOID 59
public static final int VOLATILE 60
public static final int WHILE 61
public static final int XOR 106
public static final int XORASSIGN 115

public static final int JJTADDITIVEEXPRESSION 50
public static final int JJTALLOCATIONEXPRESSION 67
public static final int JJTANDEXPRESSION 45
public static final int JJTANNOTATION 99
public static final int JJTANNOTATIONTYPEBODY 108
public static final int JJTANNOTATIONTYPEDECLARATION 107
public static final int JJTARGUMENTLIST 66
public static final int JJTARGUMENTS 65
public static final int JJTARRAYDIMSANDINITS 68
public static final int JJTARRAYINITIALIZER 20
public static final int JJTASSERTSTATEMENT 96
public static final int JJTASSIGNMENTOPERATOR 39
public static final int JJTBLOCK 71
public static final int JJTBLOCKSTATEMENT 72
public static final int JJTBOOLEANLITERAL 63
public static final int JJTBREAKSTATEMENT 85
public static final int JJTCASTEXPRESSION 57
public static final int JJTCATCHSTATEMENT 94
public static final int JJTCLASSORINTERFACEBODY 14
public static final int JJTCLASSORINTERFACETYPE 30
public static final int JJTCOMPILATIONUNIT 0
public static final int JJTCONDITIONALANDEXPRESSION 42
public static final int JJTCONDITIONALEXPRESSION 40
public static final int JJTCONDITIONALOREXPRESSION 41
public static final int JJTCONSTRUCTORDECLARATION 25
public static final int JJTCONTINUESTATEMENT 86
public static final int JJTDEFAULTVALUE 111
public static final int JJTDOSTATEMENT 80
public static final int JJTEMPTYSTATEMENT 74
public static final int JJTENUMBODY 9
public static final int JJTENUMCONSTANT 10
public static final int JJTENUMDECLARATION 8
public static final int JJTEQUALITYEXPRESSION 46
public static final int JJTEXCLUSIVEOREXPRESSION 44
public static final int JJTEXPRESSION 38
public static final int JJTEXTENDSLIST 6
public static final int JJTFIELDDECLARATION 16
public static final int JJTFINALLYSTATEMENT 95
public static final int JJTFORINIT 82
public static final int JJTFORMALPARAMETER 24
public static final int JJTFORMALPARAMETERS 23
public static final int JJTFORSTATEMENT 81
public static final int JJTFORUPDATE 84
public static final int JJTIFSTATEMENT 78
public static final int JJTIMPLEMENTSLIST 7
public static final int JJTIMPORTDECLARATION 2
public static final int JJTINCLUSIVEOREXPRESSION 43
public static final int JJTINITIALIZER 27
public static final int JJTINSTANCEOFEXPRESSION 47
public static final int JJTLABELEDSTATEMENT 70
public static final int JJTLITERAL 62
public static final int JJTLOCALVARIABLEDECLARATION 73
public static final int JJTMARKERANNOTATION 101
public static final int JJTMEMBERSELECTOR 59
public static final int JJTMEMBERVALUE 105
public static final int JJTMEMBERVALUEPAIR 104
public static final int JJTMEMBERVALUEPAIRS 103
public static final int JJTMETHODDECLARATION 21
public static final int JJTMETHODDECLARATOR 22
public static final int JJTMULTIPLICATIVEEXPRESSION 51
public static final int JJTNAME 36
public static final int JJTNAMELIST 37
public static final int JJTNORMALANNOTATION 100
public static final int JJTNULLLITERAL 64
public static final int JJTPACKAGEDECLARATION 1
public static final int JJTPOSTFIXEXPRESSION 56
public static final int JJTPREDECREMENTEXPRESSION 54
public static final int JJTPREINCREMENTEXPRESSION 53
public static final int JJTPRIMARYEXPRESSION 58
public static final int JJTPRIMARYPREFIX 60
public static final int JJTPRIMARYSUFFIX 61
public static final int JJTPRIMITIVETYPE 34
public static final int JJTREFERENCETYPE 29
public static final int JJTRELATIONALEXPRESSION 48
public static final int JJTRESOURCE 93
public static final int JJTRESOURCES 92
public static final int JJTRESOURCESPECIFICATION 91
public static final int JJTRESULTTYPE 35
public static final int JJTRETURNSTATEMENT 87
public static final int JJTRSIGNEDSHIFT 98
public static final int JJTRUNSIGNEDSHIFT 97
public static final int JJTSHIFTEXPRESSION 49
public static final int JJTSINGLEMEMBERANNOTATION 102
public static final int JJTSTATEMENT 69
public static final int JJTSTATEMENTEXPRESSION 75
public static final int JJTSTATEMENTEXPRESSIONLIST 83
public static final int JJTSWITCHLABEL 77
public static final int JJTSWITCHSTATEMENT 76
public static final int JJTSYNCHRONIZEDSTATEMENT 89
public static final int JJTTHROWSTATEMENT 88
public static final int JJTTRYSTATEMENT 90
public static final int JJTTYPE 28
public static final int JJTTYPEARGUMENT 32
public static final int JJTTYPEARGUMENTS 31
public static final int JJTTYPEBOUND 13
public static final int JJTTYPEDECLARATION 4
public static final int JJTTYPEPARAMETER 12
public static final int JJTTYPEPARAMETERS 11
public static final int JJTUNARYEXPRESSION 52
public static final int JJTVARIABLEDECLARATOR 17
public static final int JJTVARIABLEDECLARATORID 18
public static final int JJTVARIABLEINITIALIZER 19
public static final int JJTVOID 3
public static final int JJTWHILESTATEMENT 79
public static final int JJTWILDCARDBOUNDS 33

public static final java.lang.String TOKENS " \t!#$%^&*(){}-=+<>/\\`~;:"

public static final int DONE 4
public static final int GROUPING 3
public static final int HASH 1
public static final int INIT 0
public static final int MATCH 2

public static final char defaultSeparator 44

public static final java.lang.String IGNORE_IDENTIFIERS "ignore_identifiers"
public static final java.lang.String IGNORE_LITERALS "ignore_literals"

public static final java.lang.String BY_EXTENSION "by_extension"
public static final java.lang.String EXTENSION "extension"

public static final java.lang.String defaultSeparator "====================================================================="

public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_NAME "CODE_LOADED_FROM_STRING"

public static final int _DEFAULT 75
public static final int AMPERSAND 46
public static final int AND 43
public static final int ARROWSTAR 67
public static final int ASSIGNEQUAL 31
public static final int AUTO 68
public static final int BITWISEANDEQUAL 39
public static final int BITWISEOR 44
public static final int BITWISEOREQUAL 41
public static final int BITWISEXOR 45
public static final int BITWISEXOREQUAL 40
public static final int BREAK 69
public static final int CASE 70
public static final int CATCH 71
public static final int CHAR 72
public static final int CHARACTER 132
public static final int CLASS 102
public static final int COLON 26
public static final int COMMA 28
public static final int CONST 73
public static final int CONTINUE 74
public static final int DECIMALINT 122
public static final int DECIMALLONG 123
public static final int DEFAULT 0
public static final int DELETE 76
public static final int DIVIDE 58
public static final int DIVIDEEQUAL 33
public static final int DO 77
public static final int DOT 64
public static final int DOTSTAR 66
public static final int DOUBLE 78
public static final int ELLIPSIS 30
public static final int ELSE 79
public static final int ENUM 80
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int EQUAL 47
public static final int EXTERN 81
public static final int FALSETOK 116
public static final int FLOAT 82
public static final int FLOATONE 130
public static final int FLOATTWO 131
public static final int FOR 83
public static final int FRIEND 84
public static final int GOTO 85
public static final int GREATERTHAN 50
public static final int GREATERTHANOREQUALTO 52
public static final int HEXADECIMALINT 126
public static final int HEXADECIMALLONG 127
public static final int ID 135
public static final int IF 86
public static final int IN_COMMENT 2
public static final int IN_LINE_COMMENT 1
public static final int IN_PREPROCESSOR_OUTPUT_COMMENT 3
public static final int INLINE 87
public static final int INT 88
public static final int LCURLYBRACE 19
public static final int LESSTHAN 49
public static final int LESSTHANOREQUALTO 51
public static final int LONG 89
public static final int LPARENTHESIS 23
public static final int LSQUAREBRACKET 21
public static final int MINUS 56
public static final int MINUSEQUAL 36
public static final int MINUSMINUS 61
public static final int MOD 59
public static final int MODEQUAL 34
public static final int NEW 90
public static final int NOT 63
public static final int NOTEQUAL 48
public static final int OCTALINT 118
public static final int OCTALLONG 119
public static final int OPERATOR 114
public static final int OR 42
public static final int PLUS 55
public static final int PLUSEQUAL 35
public static final int PLUSPLUS 60
public static final int POINTERTO 65
public static final int PREPROCESSOR_OUTPUT 4
public static final int PRIVATE 91
public static final int PROTECTED 92
public static final int PUBLIC 93
public static final int QUESTIONMARK 29
public static final int RCURLYBRACE 20
public static final int REDECLARED 94
public static final int REGISTER 95
public static final int RETURN 96
public static final int RPARENTHESIS 24
public static final int RSQUAREBRACKET 22
public static final int SCOPE 25
public static final int SEMICOLON 27
public static final int SHIFTLEFT 53
public static final int SHIFTLEFTEQUAL 37
public static final int SHIFTRIGHT 54
public static final int SHIFTRIGHTEQUAL 38
public static final int SHORT 97
public static final int SIGNED 98
public static final int SIZEOF 99
public static final int STAR 57
public static final int STATIC 100
public static final int STRING 133
public static final int STRUCT 101
public static final int SWITCH 103
public static final int TEMPLATE 104
public static final int THIS 105
public static final int THROW 117
public static final int TILDE 62
public static final int TIMESEQUAL 32
public static final int TRUETOK 115
public static final int TRY 106
public static final int TYPEDEF 107
public static final int UNION 108
public static final int UNSIGNED 109
public static final int UNSIGNED_DECIMALINT 124
public static final int UNSIGNED_DECIMALLONG 125
public static final int UNSIGNED_HEXADECIMALINT 128
public static final int UNSIGNED_HEXADECIMALLONG 129
public static final int UNSIGNED_OCTALINT 120
public static final int UNSIGNED_OCTALLONG 121
public static final int VIRTUAL 110
public static final int VOID 111
public static final int VOLATILE 112
public static final int WHILE 113

public static final boolean staticFlag true

public static final java.lang.String CLINIT "<clinit>"
public static final java.lang.String INIT "<init>"

public static final int BREAK_STATEMENT 51
public static final int CASE_LAST_STATEMENT 21
public static final int CONTINUE_STATEMENT 52
public static final int DO_BEFORE_FIRST_STATEMENT 40
public static final int DO_EXPR 41
public static final int ELSE_LAST_STATEMENT 4
public static final int FOR_BEFORE_FIRST_STATEMENT 33
public static final int FOR_END 34
public static final int FOR_EXPR 31
public static final int FOR_INIT 30
public static final int FOR_UPDATE 32
public static final int IF_EXPR 1
public static final int IF_LAST_STATEMENT 2
public static final int IF_LAST_STATEMENT_WITHOUT_ELSE 3
public static final int LABEL_LAST_STATEMENT 61
public static final int LABEL_STATEMENT 60
public static final int RETURN_STATEMENT 50
public static final int SWITCH_END 23
public static final int SWITCH_LAST_DEFAULT_STATEMENT 22
public static final int SWITCH_START 20
public static final int THROW_STATEMENT 70
public static final int WHILE_EXPR 10
public static final int WHILE_LAST_STATEMENT 11

public static final int DEFINITION 0
public static final int REFERENCING 1
public static final int UNDEFINITION 2

public static final boolean staticFlag false

public static final int AfterTagState 13
public static final int ALPHA_CHAR 1
public static final int ALPHANUM_CHAR 3
public static final int ATTR_EQ 62
public static final int ATTR_NAME 58
public static final int AttrValueBetweenDoubleQuotesState 2
public static final int AttrValueBetweenSingleQuotesState 3
public static final int AttrValueState 14
public static final int CDATA_END 55
public static final int CDATA_START 27
public static final int CDataState 5
public static final int COMMENT_END 75
public static final int COMMENT_START 24
public static final int COMMENT_TEXT 76
public static final int CommentState 1
public static final int DECL_END 60
public static final int DECL_START 25
public static final int DEFAULT 17
public static final int DOCTYPE_DECL_END 52
public static final int DOCTYPE_DECL_START 26
public static final int DocTypeExternalIdState 6
public static final int DocTypeState 7
public static final int DOLLAR 14
public static final int DOLLAR_OR_HASH_DOUBLE_QUOTE 74
public static final int DOLLAR_OR_HASH_SINGLE_QUOTE 71
public static final int DOUBLE_QUOTE 65
public static final int EL_ESCAPE 17
public static final int EL_EXPRESSION 33
public static final int EL_EXPRESSION_IN_ATTRIBUTE 66
public static final int ENDING_DOUBLE_QUOTE 72
public static final int ENDING_SINGLE_QUOTE 69
public static final int ENDTAG_START 23
public static final int EOF 0
public static final int HTML_SCRIPT_CONTENT 77
public static final int HTML_SCRIPT_END_TAG 78
public static final int HtmlScriptContentState 0
public static final int IDENTIFIER 5
public static final int IDENTIFIER_CHAR 4
public static final int IN_TAG_ERROR 63
public static final int InTagState 12
public static final int JSP_COMMENT_CONTENT 47
public static final int JSP_COMMENT_END 46
public static final int JSP_COMMENT_START 28
public static final int JSP_DECLARATION 45
public static final int JSP_DECLARATION_END 44
public static final int JSP_DECLARATION_START 29
public static final int JSP_DIRECTIVE_ATTRIBUTE_EQUALS 37
public static final int JSP_DIRECTIVE_ATTRIBUTE_NAME 36
public static final int JSP_DIRECTIVE_ATTRIBUTE_VALUE 38
public static final int JSP_DIRECTIVE_END 39
public static final int JSP_DIRECTIVE_NAME 35
public static final int JSP_DIRECTIVE_START 32
public static final int JSP_EXPRESSION 43
public static final int JSP_EXPRESSION_END 42
public static final int JSP_EXPRESSION_IN_ATTRIBUTE 68
public static final int JSP_EXPRESSION_START 30
public static final int JSP_SCRIPTLET 41
public static final int JSP_SCRIPTLET_END 40
public static final int JSP_SCRIPTLET_START 31
public static final int JspCommentState 8
public static final int JspDeclarationState 9
public static final int JspDirectiveAttributesState 15
public static final int JspDirectiveState 16
public static final int JspExpressionState 10
public static final int JspScriptletState 11
public static final int LST_ERROR 57
public static final int NAME 49
public static final int NEWLINE 10
public static final int NO_JSP_COMMENT_END 18
public static final int NO_JSP_TAG_END 19
public static final int NO_LT_OR_DOLLAR 13
public static final int NO_OPENBRACE_OR_LT 15
public static final int NO_WHITESPACE_OR_LT_OR_DOLLAR 12
public static final int NUM_CHAR 2
public static final int PUBLIC 50
public static final int QUOTE 11
public static final int QUOTED_LITERAL 53
public static final int QUOTED_STRING 8
public static final int QUOTED_STRING_NO_BREAKS 7
public static final int SINGLE_QUOTE 64
public static final int StartTagState 4
public static final int SYSTEM 51
public static final int TAG_END 59
public static final int TAG_NAME 56
public static final int TAG_SLASHEND 61
public static final int TAG_START 22
public static final int TEXT_IN_EL 16
public static final int UNPARSED 54
public static final int UNPARSED_TEXT 34
public static final int UNPARSED_TEXT_NO_DOUBLE_QUOTES 73
public static final int UNPARSED_TEXT_NO_SINGLE_QUOTES 70
public static final int VALUE_BINDING_IN_ATTRIBUTE 67
public static final int WHITESPACE 9
public static final int WHITESPACES 48
public static final int XMLNAME 6

public static final int JJTATTRIBUTE 15
public static final int JJTATTRIBUTEVALUE 16
public static final int JJTCDATA 13
public static final int JJTCOMMENTTAG 18
public static final int JJTCOMPILATIONUNIT 0
public static final int JJTCONTENT 2
public static final int JJTDECLARATION 19
public static final int JJTDOCTYPEDECLARATION 20
public static final int JJTDOCTYPEEXTERNALID 21
public static final int JJTELEMENT 14
public static final int JJTELEXPRESSION 11
public static final int JJTHTMLSCRIPT 22
public static final int JJTJSPCOMMENT 8
public static final int JJTJSPDECLARATION 7
public static final int JJTJSPDIRECTIVE 3
public static final int JJTJSPDIRECTIVEATTRIBUTE 4
public static final int JJTJSPEXPRESSION 6
public static final int JJTJSPEXPRESSIONINATTRIBUTE 17
public static final int JJTJSPSCRIPTLET 5
public static final int JJTTEXT 9
public static final int JJTUNPARSEDTEXT 10
public static final int JJTVALUEBINDING 12
public static final int JJTVOID 1

public static final java.lang.String START_END_TAG_MISMATCH_RULE_NAME "Start and End Tags of an XML Element must match."
public static final char defaultDelimiter 124

public static final double DELTA 5.0E-6

public static final int TYPE_COLLECT_FILES 2
public static final int TYPE_DFA 6
public static final int TYPE_LOAD_RULES 3
public static final int TYPE_PARSER 4
public static final int TYPE_REPORTING 9
public static final int TYPE_RULE 0
public static final int TYPE_RULE_CHAIN_RULE 1
public static final int TYPE_RULE_CHAIN_VISIT 8
public static final int TYPE_SYMBOL_TABLE 5
public static final int TYPE_TOTAL_PMD 14
public static final int TYPE_TYPE_RESOLUTION 7

public static final java.lang.String COMPILE_ACTION "Compile"
public static final java.lang.String EVALUATE_ACTION "Evaluate"

public static final int CODE_RECOMPILED 1
public static final int NODE_SELECTED 2
public static final int PATH_EXPRESSION_APPENDED 3
public static final int PATH_EXPRESSION_EVALUATED 4

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