Class ASTThrowStatement

  extended by net.sourceforge.pmd.ast.SimpleNode
      extended by net.sourceforge.pmd.ast.SimpleJavaNode
          extended by net.sourceforge.pmd.ast.ASTThrowStatement
All Implemented Interfaces:
JavaNode, Node

public class ASTThrowStatement
extends SimpleJavaNode

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.sourceforge.pmd.ast.SimpleNode
beginColumn, beginLine, children, endColumn, endLine, id, parent, parser
Constructor Summary
ASTThrowStatement(int id)
ASTThrowStatement(JavaParser p, int id)
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getFirstClassOrInterfaceTypeImage()
          Gets the image of the first ASTClassOrInterfaceType child or null if none is found.
 java.lang.Object jjtAccept(JavaParserVisitor visitor, java.lang.Object data)
          Accept the visitor.
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childrenAccept, jjtClose, jjtOpen, toString
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appendElement, asXml, containsChildOfType, dump, dumpChildren, findChildNodesWithXPath, findChildrenOfType, findChildrenOfType, findChildrenOfType, getBeginColumn, getBeginLine, getDataFlowNode, getEndColumn, getEndLine, getFirstChildOfType, getFirstParentOfType, getImage, getLabel, getNthParent, getParentsOfType, getScope, hasImageEqualTo, jjtAddChild, jjtGetChild, jjtGetNumChildren, jjtGetParent, jjtSetParent, setDataFlowNode, setImage, setScope, testingOnly__setBeginColumn, testingOnly__setBeginLine, toString
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jjtAddChild, jjtGetChild, jjtGetNumChildren, jjtGetParent, jjtSetParent

Constructor Detail


public ASTThrowStatement(int id)


public ASTThrowStatement(JavaParser p,
                         int id)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object jjtAccept(JavaParserVisitor visitor,
                                  java.lang.Object data)
Accept the visitor. *

Specified by:
jjtAccept in interface JavaNode
jjtAccept in class SimpleJavaNode


public final java.lang.String getFirstClassOrInterfaceTypeImage()
Gets the image of the first ASTClassOrInterfaceType child or null if none is found. Note that when the statement is something like throw new Exception, this method returns 'Exception' and if the throw statement is like throw e: this method returns 'e'. A special case of returning null is when the throws is like throw this.e or throw this.

TODO - use symbol table (?)

the image of the first ASTClassOrInterfaceType node found or null

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