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net.sourceforge.pmd This is the PMD programming mistake detector. 

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd
 class AbstractJavaRule
 class AbstractRule
          Deprecated. - Use AbstractJavaRule instead
 class MockRule
          This is a Rule implementation which can be used in scenarios where an actual functional Rule is not needed.

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.dfa

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.dfa
 class DaaRule
          Starts path search for each method and runs code if found.

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.jsp.rules

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.jsp.rules
 class AbstractJspRule
 class DuplicateJspImports
 class NoInlineStyleInformation
          This rule checks that no "style" elements (like , , ...) are used, and that no "style" attributes (like "font", "size", "align") are used.

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules
 class AbstractInefficientZeroCheck
          This is an abstract rule for patterns which compare a method invocation to 0.
 class AbstractPoorMethodCall
          Detects and flags the occurrences of specific method calls against an instance of a designated class.
 class AccessorClassGeneration
 class AssignmentInOperand
 class AvoidCallingFinalize
 class AvoidDeeplyNestedIfStmtsRule
 class AvoidFieldNameMatchingMethodName
 class AvoidFieldNameMatchingTypeName
 class AvoidNonConstructorMethodsWithClassName
 class AvoidReassigningParameters
 class BeanMembersShouldSerializeRule
 class ClassNamingConventions
 class CloseResource
          Makes sure you close your database connections.
 class ConstructorCallsOverridableMethod
          Searches through all methods and constructors called from constructors.
 class CouplingBetweenObjects
          CouplingBetweenObjects attempts to capture all unique Class attributes, local variables, and return types to determine how many objects a class is coupled to.
 class CyclomaticComplexity
 class DoubleCheckedLocking
          void method() { if(x == null) { synchronized(this){ if(x == null) { x = new | method(); } } } 1.
 class ExcessiveImports
          ExcessiveImports attempts to count all unique imports a class contains.
 class ExcessivePublicCount
 class GenericLiteralCheckerRule
          This class allow to match a Literal (most likely a String) with a regex pattern.
 class IdempotentOperations
 class MethodNamingConventions
 class MethodWithSameNameAsEnclosingClass
 class MoreThanOneLogger
 class OverrideBothEqualsAndHashcode
 class SimplifyBooleanReturns
 class StringConcatenationRule
 class SuspiciousOctalEscape
 class SymbolTableTestRule
 class UnnecessaryConversionTemporary
 class UnusedFormalParameterRule
 class UnusedLocalVariableRule
 class UnusedModifier
 class UnusedPrivateFieldRule
 class UnusedPrivateMethodRule
 class UselessAssignment
 class UselessOperationOnImmutable
          An operation on an Immutable object (String, BigDecimal or BigInteger) won't change the object itself.
 class UselessOverridingMethod
 class VariableNamingConventions
 class XPathRule
          Rule that tries to match an XPath expression against a DOM view of the AST of a "compilation unit".

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.basic

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.basic
 class AvoidMultipleUnaryOperators
 class AvoidUsingHardCodedIP
 class AvoidUsingOctalValues
 class BigIntegerInstantiation
 class BooleanInstantiation
          Avoid instantiating Boolean objects; you can reference Boolean.TRUE, Boolean.FALSE, or call Boolean.valueOf() instead.
 class BrokenNullCheck
 class UnnecessaryReturn

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.codesize

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.codesize
 class AbstractNcssCount
          Abstract superclass for NCSS counting methods.
 class NcssConstructorCount
          Non-commented source statement counter for constructors.
 class NcssMethodCount
          Non-commented source statement counter for methods.
 class NcssTypeCount
          Non-commented source statement counter for type declarations.

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in
 class AssignmentToNonFinalStatic
 class CompareObjectsWithEquals
 class ConfusingTernary
          if (x != y) { diff(); } else { same(); } and
(!x ? diff() : same());.
 class ExceptionAsFlowControl
          Catches the use of exception statements as a flow control device.
 class ExcessiveLengthRule
          This is a common super class for things which have excessive length.
 class ExcessiveNodeCountRule
          This is a common super class for things which shouldn't have excessive nodes underneath.
 class GenericClassCounterRule
          A generic rule that can be configured to "count" classes of certain type based on either their name (full name, prefix, suffixes anything can be matched with a regex), and/or their type.
 class ImmutableField
 class LongClassRule
          This rule detects when a class exceeds a certain threshold.
 class LongMethodRule
          This rule detects when a method exceeds a certain threshold.
 class LongParameterListRule
          This rule detects an abnormally long parameter list.
 class NonThreadSafeSingleton
 class NpathComplexity
          NPath complexity is a measurement of the acyclic execution paths through a function.
 class NullAssignmentRule
 class OnlyOneReturnRule
 class PositionalIteratorRule
 class PreserveStackTrace
 class SingularField
 class SwitchDensityRule
 class TooManyFields
 class UnnecessaryLocalBeforeReturn
 class UnsynchronizedStaticDateFormatter
          Using a DateFormatter (SimpleDateFormatter) which is static can cause unexpected results when used in a multi threaded environment.
 class UseCollectionIsEmpty
          Detect structures like "foo.size() == 0" and suggest replacing them with foo.isEmpty().
 class UseSingleton

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.imports

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.imports
 class DontImportJavaLang
 class DontImportSun
 class DuplicateImportsRule
 class ImportFromSamePackageRule
 class UnusedImportsRule

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.junit

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.junit
 class AbstractJUnitRule
 class JUnitAssertionsShouldIncludeMessage
 class JUnitTestsShouldContainAsserts
 class TestClassWithoutTestCases

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.migration

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.migration
 class JUnitUseExpected
          This rule finds code like this:
 class UnnecessaryCast

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.naming

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.naming
 class AvoidDollarSigns
 class SuspiciousHashcodeMethodName

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.optimization

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.optimization
 class AbstractOptimizationRule
          Base class with utility methods for optimization rules
 class AvoidInstantiatingObjectsInLoops
 class LocalVariableCouldBeFinal
 class MethodArgumentCouldBeFinal
 class UnnecessaryWrapperObjectCreation
 class UseStringBufferForStringAppends

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.strictexception

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.strictexception
 class AvoidCatchingThrowable
          Finds catch statements containing throwable as the type definition.
 class ExceptionSignatureDeclaration


Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.strings

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.strings
 class AppendCharacterWithChar
          This rule finds the following:

 class AvoidDuplicateLiteralsRule
 class ConsecutiveLiteralAppends
          This rule finds concurrent calls to StringBuffer.append where String literals are used It would be much better to make these calls using one call to .append


 class InefficientEmptyStringCheck
          This rule finds code which inefficiently determines empty strings.
 class InefficientStringBuffering
 class InsufficientStringBufferDeclaration
          This rule finds StringBuffers which may have been pre-sized incorrectly See
 class StringInstantiation
 class StringToStringRule
 class UnnecessaryCaseChange
 class UseIndexOfChar
 class UselessStringValueOf
 class UseStringBufferLength
          This rule finds places where StringBuffer.toString() is called just to see if the string is 0 length by either using .equals("") or toString().length()


Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.sunsecure

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.sunsecure
 class AbstractSunSecureRule
          Utility methods for the package
 class ArrayIsStoredDirectly
 class MethodReturnsInternalArray
          Implementation note: this rule currently ignores return types of y.x.z, currently it handles only local type fields.

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.stat

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.stat
 class StatisticalRule

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.typeresolution.rules

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.typeresolution.rules
 class CloneMethodMustImplementCloneable
          The method clone() should only be implemented if the class implements the Cloneable interface with the exception of a final method that only throws CloneNotSupportedException.
 class LooseCoupling
          This is a separate rule, uses the type resolution facade
 class SignatureDeclareThrowsException
          A method/constructor shouldn't explicitly throw java.lang.Exception, since it is unclear which exceptions that can be thrown from the methods.

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.typeresolution.rules.imports

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.typeresolution.rules.imports
 class UnusedImports

Uses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.util.designer

Subclasses of CommonAbstractRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.util.designer
 class DFAGraphRule

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