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Packages that use RuleSets
net.sourceforge.pmd This is the PMD programming mistake detector. 

Uses of RuleSets in net.sourceforge.pmd

Methods in net.sourceforge.pmd that return RuleSets
 RuleSets RuleSetFactory.createRuleSets(java.lang.String ruleSetFileNames)
          Create a RuleSets from a list of names.
 RuleSets RuleSetFactory.createRuleSets(java.lang.String ruleSetFileNames, java.lang.ClassLoader classLoader)
          Create a RuleSets from a list of names with a specified ClassLoader.

Methods in net.sourceforge.pmd with parameters of type RuleSets
 void PMD.processFile( fileContents, java.lang.String encoding, RuleSets ruleSets, RuleContext ctx)
          Processes the input stream against a rule set using the given input encoding.
 void PMD.processFile( reader, RuleSets ruleSets, RuleContext ctx)
          Processes the file read by the reader against the rule set.
 void PMD.processFile( reader, RuleSets ruleSets, RuleContext ctx, SourceType sourceType)
          Processes the file read by the reader against the rule set.
 void PMD.processFiles(java.util.List<DataSource> files, RuleContext ctx, RuleSets rulesets, boolean debugEnabled, boolean shortNamesEnabled, java.lang.String inputPath, java.lang.String encoding)
          Run PMD on a list of files.

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