Package net.sourceforge.pmd

This is the PMD programming mistake detector.


Interface Summary
DataSource Represents a source file to be analyzed.
PropertyDescriptor Property value descriptor that defines the use & requirements for setting property values for use within PMD and any associated GUIs.
Rule This is the basic Rule interface for PMD rules.
RuleChainVisitor The RuleChainVisitor understands how to visit an AST for a particular Language.
TargetJDKVersion Interface to create JDK-appropriate parsers.

Class Summary
AbstractDelegateRule Base class for Rule implementations which delegate to another Rule instance.
AbstractRule Deprecated. - Use AbstractJavaRule instead
AbstractRuleChainVisitor This is a base class for RuleChainVisitor implementations which extracts interesting nodes from an AST, and lets each Rule visit the nodes it has expressed interest in.
CommonAbstractRule Basic abstract implementation of all parser-independent methods of the Rule interface.
FileDataSource DataSource implementation to read data from a file.
Language Enumeration of languages for which a rule can be written.
MockRule This is a Rule implementation which can be used in scenarios where an actual functional Rule is not needed.
RuleChain The RuleChain is a means by which Rules can participate in a uniform visitation of the AST, and not need perform their own independent visitation.
RuleReference This class represents a Rule which is a reference to Rule defined in another RuleSet.
RuleSet This class represents a collection of rules.
RuleSetFactory RuleSetFactory is responsible for creating RuleSet instances from XML content.
RuleSetReference This class represents a reference to RuleSet.
RuleSets Grouping of Rules per Language in a RuleSet.
RuleSetWriter This class represents a way to serialize a RuleSet to an XML configuration file.
SourceFileConstants Constants used when handling names of source files.
SourceFileSelector Filtering of wanted source files.
SourceType Enumeration of the types of source code.
SourceTypeDiscoverer This class can give the SourceType of a source file.
SourceTypeToRuleLanguageMapper Mapping of SourceType to RuleLanguage.
TargetJDK1_3 This is an implementation of TargetJDKVersion for JDK 1.3.
TargetJDK1_4 This is an implementation of TargetJDKVersion for JDK 1.4.
TargetJDK1_5 This is an implementation of TargetJDKVersion for JDK 1.5.
TargetJDK1_6 This is an implementation of TargetJDKVersion for JDK 1.6.
TargetJDK1_7 This is an implementation of TargetJDKVersion for JDK 1.7.
ZipDataSource DataSource implementation to read data from an entry in a zip or jar file.

Exception Summary
PMDException A convenience exception wrapper.

Package net.sourceforge.pmd Description

This is the PMD programming mistake detector. In order to use it, create a new instance of PMD and use its PMD.processFile(, net.sourceforge.pmd.RuleSets, net.sourceforge.pmd.RuleContext) method.

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