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 class AbstractScalarProperty
          No, subclasses are not necessarily scalar per se, they're just easy to parse without error.
 class BooleanProperty
          Defines a property type that supports Boolean values.
 class CharacterProperty
          Defines a property type that supports Character values.
 class DoubleProperty
          Defines a property type that support double property values.
 class EnumeratedProperty<E>
          Defines a datatype with a set of preset values of any type as held within a pair of maps.
 class FloatProperty
          Defines a property type that support float property values.
 class IntegerProperty
          Defines a datatype that supports the Integer property values.
 class MethodProperty
 class StringProperty
          Defines a datatype that supports String values.
 class TypeProperty
          Defines a property that supports class types, even for primitive values!

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