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Uses of StatisticalRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules

Subclasses of StatisticalRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules
 class ExcessiveImports
          ExcessiveImports attempts to count all unique imports a class contains.
 class ExcessivePublicCount

Uses of StatisticalRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.codesize

Subclasses of StatisticalRule in net.sourceforge.pmd.rules.codesize
 class AbstractNcssCount
          Abstract superclass for NCSS counting methods.
 class NcssConstructorCount
          Non-commented source statement counter for constructors.
 class NcssMethodCount
          Non-commented source statement counter for methods.
 class NcssTypeCount
          Non-commented source statement counter for type declarations.

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Subclasses of StatisticalRule in
 class ExcessiveLengthRule
          This is a common super class for things which have excessive length.
 class ExcessiveNodeCountRule
          This is a common super class for things which shouldn't have excessive nodes underneath.
 class LongClassRule
          This rule detects when a class exceeds a certain threshold.
 class LongMethodRule
          This rule detects when a method exceeds a certain threshold.
 class LongParameterListRule
          This rule detects an abnormally long parameter list.
 class NpathComplexity
          NPath complexity is a measurement of the acyclic execution paths through a function.
 class SwitchDensityRule

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