PMD Release Process Walkthrough

This page describes the current status of the release process.


Make sure code is up to date and everything is in svn:

$ mvn clean
$ svn update
$ svn status

Ensure all the new rules are listed in a src/main/resources/rulesets/releases/<version>.xml file.

Update the "download" and "what's new" link in site.pre.xml.

Update version/release info in etc/changelog.txt.

$ mvn verify post-site    (order of targets DOES matter)

Unzip and test manually (just to be on the safe side of the road):

./bin/ pmd ~/tmp/ xml java-unusedcode
./bin/ pmd ~/tmp/ html rulesets/java/unusedcode.xml

Check in all (version) changes to trunk:

$ svn ci -m "pmd: Prepare pmd release <version>"

Release Branch

Let maven create a release branch (note - this is of course not needed if you are already on a release/maintenance branch). Maven will automatically increase the version in trunk. In case you create a alpha/preview release and you want to stay with the current version in trunk, use these additional properties: -DupdateBranchVersions=true -DupdateWorkingCopyVersions=false

$ mvn release:branch -DbranchName=<version>.x

Create a release

Now checkout the created branch.

$ svn co<version>.x
$ cd <version>.x

Now let maven create a release tag.

$ mvn release:clean release:prepare

Note: For the tag/label name we currently use this naming pattern: pmd_release_<major-version>_<minor-version>

The next command will checkout PMD from the tag just created and will build and deploy it to sonatype OSS repositories:

$ mvn release:perform



If you see a bug and fix it, you can rollback the release (see

$ mvn release:rollback

You probably need to delete the release tag manually using the following command (and then start again with release:clean release:prepare):

$ svn delete<version>

Publish artifacts

Finally, in order to publish the release to Maven central, you need to release PMD via Sonatype Nexus:

  • Login to
  • Go to Staging Repositories page
  • Select a staging repository
  • Click the close button
  • Now you can download the artifacts again and verify they are working.
  • Once you are sure they are working, click "Release" and the artifacts are eventually available through maven central.

Publish the release on sourceforge:

  • Go to Files, to folder "pmd", create a new subfolder for the new version
  • Add the pmd-<version> file
  • Add the pmd-<version> file
  • Add the file etc/changelog.txt as ReadMe.txt file

Upload command below will create and upload the maven artifacts to sourceforge. Login info for 'pmd-repo' and 'pmd-site' must be defined in ~/.m2/settings.xml (see the file available in maven-plugin-pmd-build/config/m2.settings.xml):

$ ssh your_sf_login, create
$ mvn deploy -Psf-release

(In order to be able to upload the artifacts and the site to sourceforge, you need to have a interactive shell opened before)

Site Upload

Upload the site:

$ mvn site-deploy -Psf-release

Shutdown the sourceforge shell:

$ ssh "shutdown"

Social side of release:

  1. Submit news to SF: Go to
  2. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Xing (add whatever you feel is missing here...)