Maven 1 PMD plugin

This page is about the maven 1 PMD plugin. The maven 2 PMD plugin page is available here.

Running the pmd plugin


To include the Maven report in the project reports section add the following line under the reports element in your project.xml:

This will add an entry to the 'project reports' section with the PMD report.


To run PMD on a Maven project without adding it as a report, simply run

maven pmd xdoc
The PMD plugin writes the report in XML which will then be formatted into more readable HTML.


Changing rulesets

To specify a set of official, built-in rulesets to be used set them in the property maven.pmd.rulesets. You can include this setting in your file.

A clean strategy for customizing which rules to use for a project is to write a ruleset file. In this file you can define which rules to use, add custom rules, and customizing which rules to include/exclude from official rulesets. More information on writing a ruleset can be found here.

Add to the root of your Maven project a pmd.xml file which contains the ruleset mentioned in the previous paragraph. Add the following property to your project now:

maven.pmd.rulesetfiles = ${basedir}/pmd.xml


See the PMD plugin project page here: