December 3, 2014 - 5.2.2:

New Parameters for CPD:

For the language cpp, the following new parameters are supported:

  • --no-skip-blocks: Disables skipping of code blocks like a pre-processor. This is by default enabled.
  • --skip-blocks-pattern: Pattern to find the blocks to skip. Start and End pattern separated by “|”. Default value is “#if 0|#endif”.


  • #1090: cpp parser exception with inline asm
  • #1128: CompareObjectsWithEquals False Positive comparing boolean (primitive) values
  • #1254: CPD run that worked in 5.1.2 fails in 5.1.3 with OOM
  • #1276: False positive in UnusedPrivateMethod with inner enum
  • #1280: False Positive in UnusedImports when import used in javadoc
  • #1281: UnusedPrivateMethod incorrectly flagged for methods nested private classes
  • #1282: False Positive with implicit String.valuesOf() (Java)
  • #1285: Prevent to modify the System environment
  • #1286: UnusedPrivateMethod returns false positives for varags and enums