Current Rulesets

List of rulesets and rules contained in each ruleset.

  • Basic XML: The Basic XML Ruleset contains a collection of good practices which everyone should follow.
  • XPath in XSL: This ruleset regroups a collection of good practices regarding XPath querying and functions inside an XSL.

Basic XML (xml)

  • MistypedCDATASection: An XML CDATA section begins with a <!CDATA[ marker, which has only one [, and ends with a ]]> marker, which has only two ].

XPath in XSL (xsl)

  • UseConcatOnce: The XPath concat() functions accepts as many arguments as required so you can have "concat($a,'b',$c)" rather than "concat($a,concat('b',$c)".
  • AvoidAxisNavigation: Avoid using the 'following' or 'preceeding' axes whenever possible, as these can cut through 100% of the document in the worst case. Also, try to avoid using 'descendant' or 'descendant-self' axes, as if you're at the top of the Document, it necessarily means cutting through 100% of the document.