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????? - 6.1.0-SNAPSHOT

The PMD team is pleased to announce PMD 6.1.0.

This is a minor release.

Table Of Contents

New and noteworthy

Fixed Issues

  • all
    • #569: [core] XPath support requires specific toString implementations
    • #795: [cpd] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
    • #848: [doc] Test failures when building pmd-doc under Windows
    • #872: [core] NullPointerException at FileDataSource.glomName()
    • #854: [ci] Use Java9 for building PMD
  • doc
    • #791: [doc] Documentation site reorganisation
    • #891: [doc] Apex @SuppressWarnings should use single quotes instead of double quotes
    • #909: [doc] Please add new PMD Eclipse Plugin to tool integration section
  • java
    • #825: [java] Excessive*Length ignores too much
    • #888: [java] ParseException occurs with valid ‘<>’ in Java 1.8 mode
    • #920: [java] Update valid identifiers in grammar
  • java-bestpractices
    • #784: [java] ForLoopCanBeForeach false-positive
  • java-design
    • #855: [java] ImmutableField false-positive with lambdas
  • java-documentation
    • #877: [java] CommentRequired valid rule configuration causes PMD error
  • java-errorprone
    • #885: [java] CompareObjectsWithEqualsRule trigger by enum1 != enum2
  • java-performance
    • #541: [java] ConsecutiveLiteralAppends with types other than string
  • scala
    • #853: [scala] Upgrade scala version to support Java 9
  • xml
    • #739: [xml] IllegalAccessException when accessing attribute using Saxon on JRE 9

API Changes

Changes to the Node interface

The method getXPathNodeName is added to the Node interface, which removes the use of the toString of a node to get its XPath element name (see #569). A default implementation is provided in AbstractNode, to stay compatible with existing implementors.

The toString method of a Node is not changed for the time being, and still produces the name of the XPath node. That behaviour may however change in future major releases, e.g. to produce a more useful message for debugging.

Changes to CPD renderers

The interface net.sourceforge.pmd.cpd.Renderer has been deprecated. A new interface net.sourceforge.pmd.cpd.renderer.CPDRenderer has been introduced to replace it. The main difference is that the new interface is meant to render directly to a java.io.Writer rather than to a String. This allows to greatly reduce the memory footprint of CPD, as on large projects, with many duplications, it was causing OutOfMemoryErrors (see #795).

net.sourceforge.pmd.cpd.FileReporter has also been deprecated as part of this change, as it’s no longer needed.

External Contributions